Kimberly Belmonte and Rebecca Hammond

Belle Armoire

After living in Europe for a year, Kimberly was inspired to open a fashion boutique in her hometown of Orange NSW. ‘Whilst the fashion in Europe was amazing and inspiring, unless you could afford a wardrobe full of Chanel and other high end fashion labels, there wasn’t a great deal available’.

Kimberly shared the idea of opening a boutique with her sister in law Bec who had worked in fashion for a number of years and without question, she was in! They started listing price pointed emerging and established Australia labels they’d dream of stocking in their boutique and as the list grew so did their excitement.

The duo decided to take the plunge and turn the dream into a reality. In October 2010 Belle Armoire was born!

Fun Facts About These Two


  • I have no musical talent what so ever but give me a mic and I think I’m Adele.
  • It’s not that I have OCD, I just like things where they belong and the way I want them to be.
  • I’m a member of the grammatical police. It’s ‘you’re’ not ‘your’ and ‘their’ not ‘there’.
  • The most expensive item in my wardrobe is my Louis Vuitton tote I bought whilst living in France.
  • My two greatest achievements in life are my babies Aria and Hugo, they are the best parts of my husband and me.


  • My life’s essentials: Husband, baby Armilla, family, good food, Belle Armoire fashion and my Iphone.
  • I find a trend I love and become completely obsessed with it.
  • I love planning: whether it’s a holiday, a party or just another project around the house.
  • I wish I could tolerate sore feet, as heels would be my staple. But I just can’t think with sore feet.
  • I’m a complete sook, I’ll cry in any sad part of a TV show or movie.